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DrakeTR270 FM Voice/Digital Sattelite Transceiver for sal

Hi Steve!

>>I recently purchased a new Drake TR270 transceiver for satellite use.  I now
live in a deed restricted subdivision and can't use outside antennas.  So, am 
selling the rig.<<

As a fellow apartment dweller, you have my deepest sympathies.  However, one 
of the things I like about satellite operation--in fact, the reason I got 
into satellite operation--is because it can be done from an apartment.  I've 
made some SO-35 contacts with my Icom 2400A "mobile" set and a 3-db gain 
collinear stuck in the corner of my bedroom of a steel frame "fireproof" 

Perhaps more similar to your situation, Lee, K0LEE, has reported on this 
reflector that he uses an FT-847 base radio and Arrow beam on a tripod within 
his condo--no outdoor antenna!  I think he's even done AO-10 with that set 
up, but he'll probably chime in to confirm or deny that.  In fact, i think he 
has an AOL members' site that describes his station.

So, I urge you to experiment a bit before you give up and sell your gear!

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