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Stearing Antennas

Being a family man with the financial responsibilities I can't really go out
and buy an Az/El rotator.  Even a second hand G 5200 in Aus generally cost
more than my radio did (also 2nd hand).  I am therefore interested in
homebrewing a simple setup.

I have heard of people using windscreen wiper motors to position their
antennas.  Unfortunately I am unable to find any mechanical description of
how this is done.  Or for that matter what control/indicator methods are
used.  If anyone has such a description (particularly on the web) please
forward the URL.

Another method of stearing antennas I have heard of is using two stepper
motors (of reasonable size) through a worm drive.  To me this would make
more sense than an analohue system because there would be no need for an
indicator/feedback system and it would allow easy computer control (either
via a PIC or directly from a PC).  If anyone havs made this sort of system
to stear a Xed yagi array for a phase 3 sattelite I would like to see the
plans also.

I do not get the Amsat journal but if you have references in these I may be
able to get them.


Michael Hart
Ph  +61 2 4325 4859

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