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DrakeTR270 FM Voice/Digital Sattelite Transceiver for sale.

I recently purchased a new Drake TR270 transceiver for satellite use.  I now
live in a deed restricted subdivision and can't use outside antennas.  So, am
selling the rig.

Thought this would be a good site to reach someone who would like to give
this rig a new home.

The TR270 is a complete two meter base station transciver with all the bells
and whistles.  It also features a seperate built-in extended range receiver
covering from 136 to 174 and 420 to 470mhz.  Seperate volume/SQ for each
receiver, listen to both at the same time.  Two antenna connectors, the B
receiver has power available for a mast mounted pre-amp.

Allows full duplex operation for working the FM Digital/voice satellites.

Alutomatic dopler shift tracking!  200 memories,stores everything including
phone numbers, built in power supply!

Also includes an optional 1200/9600 baud TNC card that fits inside the

Includes an optional demodulator borad that also fits inside the transceiver.
  Allows you to work the weather satellites and decode Rtty, FAX, CW,ACARS and
APRS!  Includes an external AF input for audio from your HF rig so you can
decode the different digital modes from there as well.

Built-in PC interface!  External TNC port. Comes with software for Packet,
Fax, ACARS, APRS, RTTY, CW, etc.

To many features to list here.  For complete info and an on-line manual,
visit the Drake Website at:  www.rldrake.com.

I paid over $800.00 for the transceiver and optional TNC and Demodulator
boards.  Will Sell for $475.00!  Transceiver is as new.

Thanks for letting me post this on the board and if anyone is interested
please e-mail me.


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