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Re: tcp/ip stack

No intimate knowledge of how it works, but it works!

David Ransom's STSOrbit Plus (STSPLUS) available at:
http://tie.jpl.nasa.gov/dransom/stsplus.html will download and setup updated
KEP sets - either Windowed or full screen. Just have to connect to the I-net
before you launch STSPlus in a DOS box.

Say 'Hi' to the folks at Dayton for me, eh?


Jim Sanford wrote:
> Ladies and gents:
> I think I remember long ago reading that the windoze95/98 tcp/ip stack
> were available from DOS programs running within a dos box under
> windoze.  Does anybody have any pointers/knowledge/ideas on this?
> Thanks for any assistance.
> See u at Dayton!
> 73,
> jim
> wb4gcs@amsat.org

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