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Re: 2 meter antenna is a 10 turn helix...

 EB5IGJ wrote:

> ¿¿ ""The 2 meter antenna is a 10 turn helix"" ?
> ---It is a good antenna for 2m band? It's good by gain (Db) or directivit> y?

I used a 6-turn helix for 2m 28 years ago. It works ok.

But 6 turns was a BIG antenna; 10-turns must be enormous.

> ---Has anyone the schematic to do This kind of antenna?

RSGB Handbook has the info. Any book back to about 1975 (I wrote the helix

It is much easier now to have crossed yagis; but a single helix only has one 
sense of polarization. With XY yagis you can switch between *both* senses of
circular polarization.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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