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RE: AO-14, UHF antenae revisited

> Hello Tony,
>      if my memory serves me correctly, approx 15 years ago, something
> similar was tried here in Geelong.
> Rod, VK3XOK(I think) worked as a radio technician, doing lots 
> of "two way"
> installations,
> and he managed to get himself a couple of whips made by the 
> manufacturer of
> the whips
> they were using for fleet  installations.  These were  supposedly made
> specifically for 70cm.

Slight difference, as the antenna was made specifically for 70cm, rather
than 40 MHz off frequency. :-)

> The only difference here is that his use was for mobile fast 
> scan ATV @
> 426.25MHz.
> I can remember watching his pictures and tracking him as he 
> drove around
> Geelong.
> Again, mym memory seems to recall the SWR was OK, and the 
> pictures for most
> part were
> quite readable, with picture/audio "flashes" caused when he 
> drove under
> trees and when
> a truck/bus crossed by him in the Tx/Tx line of sight.
> Apart from that I think the test was successful, although he 
> only did it
> the once to my knowledge.

That would have been interesting.  I have toyed with the idea of setting up
a portable ATV station, for the purpose of carrying on the train (hmm, the
Yagis might get a stare or two!  LOL).  I've already managed to get a
satellite station working that way. :-)

> cheers
> Ian VK3YIC

We've worked on VK3RSE, haven't we?
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