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RE: AO-14, UHF antenae revisited

> At 08:50 AM 05/12/2000 +1000, Norm McMillan wrote:
> >Thanks to those people who replied. Seems like no-one has 
> tried to use a
> >UHF CB antenna on 70cm.
> >
> It appears that Tony, VK3JED has done just that, and K5OE has 
> the info on his
> web page:
>         http://members.aol.com/homebrewpics/
> G'luck!
> 73 Wayne N5WD

Not quite.  I modified a 1/2 wave, which is a bit easier, as there is only
one element and the matching network is more like an autotransformer (tuning
there is less critical), so it was a simple matter of adding the necessary
length to move the resonance down from 477 MHz to 435 MHz.

In Norm's case, the antenna in question is a collinear with a 1/2 wave over
a 1/4 wave, and the two being connected by a phasing coil.  So _both_
elements would have to be extended, as well as some adjustments to the
phasing coil.  The element adjustments would be relatively simple, the
phasing coil might be a bit more of a challenge (or one could put up with
the slight phase error between the elements, and any effect that has on the
radiation pattern...).
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