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AO-14, UHF antenae revisited

Thanks to those people who replied. Seems like no-one has tried to use a
UHF CB antenna on 70cm.

Well, I tried the empirical method of testing, in the true tradition of the
Aussie "bush", using a 1/4 wave GP as a baseline. Guess what?

Can't hear a damned thing on either!! I was listening for AO-14 last night
around 2144 EST and didn't here a thing. Couldn't trigger a downlink
either.(operating full duplex) with 10w to an 11 element beam.

The problem resolves to;-

[i]Neither antenna works? They both have reasonable VSWR...about 1.5 / 2.0 :1.

[ii]Wrong frequencies? 145.975 up 435.070 down, with and w/o doppler

[iii]Tracking error? Winorbit 3.6, 
	1 20437U 90005B   00125.15817591  .00000389  00000-0  16588-3 0  5453
	2 20437 098.4144 193.6270 0011124 350.4463 009.6505 14.30416019536570

	gave me AOS at 2144EST Australia (+10) 1144utc at QTH 32d 50.328' South,
145d 52.726' East.

Is the bird still in fm mode, did I get the freqs right, did I get the
tracking right? perhaps some kind soul could enlighten me?

Norm, VK2XCI.
Mount Hope NSW. Voice of the Edge of The Outback
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