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Volunteers needed at Dayton Hamvention for AMSAT Booth Duty

A request for volunteers went out two weeks ago asking for volunteers to
serve a 'tour of duty' at the AMSAT booth during a portion of the Dayton
Hamvention (May 19-21).  While we have received responses from a number of
enthusiasitic volunteers, there is a need for additional bodies to help
carry the workload.

Volunteers will help handle the myriad of activities that typically occur at
an AMSAT booth-handle transactions, deal with memberships and renewals,
answer questions, and serve as a representative of AMSAT.  Prior experience
in representing AMSAT at (any) hamfests is helpful but not required.

Please let me know if you can give us a hand during the Hamvention. Send me
an e-mail (wd4asw@amsat.org) and include the following:

1. What hours are you willing to volunteer during each day that the
commercial exhibits are open?  The commercial exhibits are open Friday
0900-1800, Saturday 0800-1700, and Sunday 0800-1300. Please volunteer for
one-hour periods or multiples thereof.  If you can help at various times
during the Hamvention, please provide a prioritization as to which specified
periods are best for you.

2. Include your name, callsign, and e-mail address in your message.

3. Indicate any special skills that would be helpful, such as familiarity
with specific products available through AMSAT, particularly software such
as WISP and NOVA. While we are looking for volunteers to help with the
'crush' of normal exhibitor activities, it would be helpful to know who can
assist in software demonstrations or answer particular questions about
various aspects of our hobby during a particular shift.

I am currently working on a tentative work schedule that will be sent to our
volunteers by Monday, May 15.  If you are a volunteer, please stop by the
AMSAT booth when you arrive at the Hamvention to confirm your schedule or to
change your work assignment if necessary.

It should be noted that setup of the booth will take place on Thursday.  If
you are available to assist with booth setup, please let me know.

Barry A. Baines, WD4ASW
VP-Field Operations

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