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MSPE 2.01a

Hi Fellows,

Chris has asked me to post MSPE version 2.01a.  This version corrects a
problem experienced when the file, MSPE File Info.DAT, reaches a maximum 
file capacity limit.

When this limit is reached, any additional files added to the directory
be given a status of G (Grab) regardless of the specifications in the 
MSPE Equations.TXT file.  Most users will not experience this problem.
However, those users receiving the 38,400 bps downlink from UO-36 may
find that the satellite is adding image files to the directory more quickly
than the user can download them.  As a result the MSPE File Info.DAT file
will reach its maximum file capacity limit and the subsequent files
the directory will be given the G status.

This version of MSPE will not correct the status of any files already shown
in the directory as G.  Any new directory entries arriving after it is 
installed will have the correct status.

It will be uploaded to UO-22 and KO-25.  It has already been posted at 
ftp://ftp.amsat.org/amsat/software/win32/wisp.  The filename will be 

73, Roy -- W0SL
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