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RE: AMSATS for Mobile or wilderness travelers

> As you plan your summer trips, remember that there are 9 amateur
> satellites you can use with your mobile FM rig and a whip 
> antenna!  From
> 7 to 12 AM and PM local sun time there is almost always one in view
> wherever you are.  Use them to communicate your 
> position/status/messages
> or Email.  If you are traveling in remote areas, its your 
> only way out!

I can see this having application down here, with our large distances and
remote areas.  For the voice birds, both SO-35 and UO-14 are workable from a
good mobile station, I have worked SO-35 from a train and a tram(!), and
UO-14 while mobile in the car, so voice is no problem for the lonely

Haven't tried the digital birds yet.  Perhaps if I can acquire an old laptop
from somewhere, I might give it a go (I am really limited to portable/mobile
operation for satellites).  Packet could be a useful mode for messaging and
generally keeping in touch.
> With now both Kenwood and Alinco radios having built in 1200/9600 baud
> TNC's and the ability to link ground stations via the internet and WEB
> pages, get ready for mobile satellite applications!

Now, this could be interesting!  Potentially a whole new offshoot of the
hobby. :-)
> To serve these travelers, we also need volunteer ground 
> stations too...
> You can even do it with an HT and a handheld antenna!
> See http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/astars.html
> or join aprssat@lists.tapr.org and tell us you are new so we 
> can fill you
> in on the details.

I might check it out when I get a little time.
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