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MDRC Hamfest - Satellite activity planned over VK, Sat May 13.

This Saturday, May 13, the Moorabbin and Distric Radio Club will be holding
their annual hamfest in Melbourne, Australia.  As well as the usual trading
stands, this hamfest will also incorporate demonstrations of several aspects
of ham radio, including satellites.

At this stage, we are planning on working the Fujis (FO-20, and FO-29, if
it's in JA mode - anyone for a schedule?), as well as UO-14.  Will also have
a listen for AO-10, if it's available (I haven't done any pass predictions
for the day yet), but our antennas may not be quite up to AO-10
requirements.  Other satellites, such as RS-13 may be attempted, if suitable
antennas can be erected and a low enough noise floor obtained at the
receiver.  Mode will be FM for UO-14, and SSB for the other birds, unless
conditions require the use of CW (may be necessary on AO-10 :) ).

VK, ZL, P29 and other hams in the area, keep an ear out for VK3APC, the club
callsign, on the birds this Saturday.

Tony Langdon.
Systems Development and Support.
ATC Training Australasia.  Level 2 321 Exhibition St Melbourne  3000.
Phone:  1300 13 1983     WWW:  http://www.atctraining.com.au

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