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AMSAT Membership Drive at Dayton Hamvention

For those who intend to join AMSAT-NA or renew their membership and plan to
attend the upcoming Dayton Hamvention, please note the following information
that was part of an "AMSAT at Dayton Hamvention" Overview that was released
10 days ago:

AMSAT has been offered a wonderful opportunity to build our membership base
during the Dayton Hamvention.  In addition to the interest being generated
by the anticipated launch of Phase 3-D later this year and the opportunities
made available by UO-14, we now have an additional incentive for joining
AMSAT.  An AMSAT benefactor has offered to cover the cost of an ICOM 821H
transceiver to be used as a prize drawing at Dayton!

For an individual to be eligible for the prize drawing. The following
criteria must be met:

a.  An individual must cover the cost of a membership to AMSAT-NA.  Cost of
US membership is $30.00 while cost to personnel residing in Canada is $36.00
and memberships for all others is $45.00.

b. Both new memberships and renewals of existing memberships at the suitable
level are eligible for the drawing.

c. New membership/renewals must be done at the AMSAT booth at Dayton

d. Only one membership per individual will qualify.  This means an
individual who elects for a multi-year membership receives one chance just
as an individual who selects a one year membership.

e. Individuals who currently hold a Life Membership may elect to donate to
AMSAT the equivalent of one yearís membership ($30.00 US, $36.00 if living
in Canada, or $45.00 elsewhere) for one chance at the prize drawing.

Keep in mind that membership dues will increase on July 1, so renew between
now and June 30 to avoid the higher rate.

The drawing for the Icom 821H will be done at the AMSAT booth at 1200 on
Sunday, May 21.  The winner does not have to be present to win and AMSAT
will cover the cost of shipping the radio to the memberís address as shown
on the membership form.   If the winner is present at the drawing, the
individual may take the transceiver home directly (and save AMSAT the
shipping costs).  In accordance with Federal Tax Code which requires prizes
valued over $600.00 to be reported, AMSAT will prepare IRS Form 1099
covering the cost of the transceiver so that the winner can include this
information in their Year 2000 Income Tax Return.

This is a unique opportunity that is primarily designed to attract new
members to AMSAT prior to the dues increase.  While some may regret that we
could not include renewals outside of Dayton, the logistics of such an
option (including formal notification of our membership prior to July 1)
made it impractical to extend the program beyond Dayton.  Keep in mind that
the primary purpose of this incentive is to encourage new memberships from
those who attend our Hamvention Forums and visit the AMSAT booth where they
can meet members, obtain information, and be encouraged to join our hobby.

Any questions, please contact the AMSAT-NA Office Manager, Martha Saragovitz
(martha@amsat.org or tel. 301-589-6062).

Barry A. Baines, WD4ASW
VP-Field Operations

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