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RE: IP protocols used to communicate with UoSat-12

> It says (On their website) that it is:
> "The first SSTL minisatellite carries experimental payloads for SSTL and our
> customers: Merlion Communications ( Nanyang Technilogical University,
> Singapore) and GPS attitude determination (SSTL/ESTEC collaboration)."
> Not an amateur bird...
> Dave

UoSat-12 is known as UO-36 to the amateur community.

(actually the downlink is also available at 38k4).

>From ANS:

> UoSAT-12 UO-36
> Uplink 145.960 MHz, 9600 baud FSK
> Downlink 437.025, 437.400 MHz, 9600 baud FSK
> UoSAT-12 was successfully launched on April 21, 1999 from the Russian Baikonur
> Cosmodrome. UO-36 carries a number of imaging payloads, digital store-and-forward
> communications and mode L/S transponders.
> The BBS is open, although uploading (and the downlink) may be disabled at times.
> The VK5HI TMSAT viewer shareware is available on the AMSAT-NA web site at
> ftp://ftp.amsat.org/amsat/software/win32/display/ccddsp97-119.zip
> Further information on UO-36 is available from: http://www.sstl.co.uk/
> [ANS thanks Chris G7UPN/ZL2TPO, and the University of Surrey, for this information]

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