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S Band RX Ideas


Looking towards P3D, I'm looking at ways of receiving in 2.4GHz. I'd like to
have some flexibility if possible to let me use the equipment for other
operations, like ATV. I think the only options are a converter or a
receiver. I have to say that although expensive, I'm very tempted to go for
the receiver option because of the flexibility.

o Receive converter

   - If I use a receive converter, what IF should be used? 70cm or 2m? I'm
concerned that any IF I choose may be required for an uplink.

   - If I use a Mode S specific converter, does this will mean I only have RX
capability over a very narrow part of the 13cm band?

   - Any specific recommendations for a converter?

   - If mastmounted, can I avoid the requirement for a preamp?

o  Comunication receiver (eg AOR AR5000)

   - This will allow reception over the full 13cm allocation (and then some).

   - Will need a masthead preamp

   - I think that unless filters are provided, the L Band uplink will desense
the RX

   - I've seen really simple mods to get TV out from the 10.7MHz IF

   - With the AR5000 plus an SDU5500, you can track those downlinks with a
realtime bandscope.

   - Of course the AR5000 is _expensive_!

Any other ideas?

Cheers, Howard G6LVB

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