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InstantTrack & ATI video card. Fix for garbage on map

Many thanks for the helpful responses to my question about the ATI All in
Wonder video card and garbage on InstantTrack map screen.  I tried two
solutions and both worked.  The patch on the InstantTrack FAQ worked but in
view of their recommendation about slowing the program I found an ATI fix on
their web site (www.atitech.com) called 64VBE221.exe which expanded to a
program M64vbe.com (and some docs) that I am using now.  With my Pentium 100
I did not see any lag in the calculations with either solution.  Below are
listed edited responses. 

73 and thanks again to all,

Marv 4X1XS / VE3FHX

Paul Williamson <kb5mu@amsat.org>

This is a known issue with some video cards. There are two solutions.
Look at the InstantTrack FAQ at http://www.amsat.org/amsat/intro/itfaq.html#025
for the answers you need.

"David Houlden" <dave@g1ocn.freeserve.co.uk>

I have just the same problem so will be looking with interest
to any possible replies to this one.

From: "Gould Smith" <ggsmith@usit.net>

I am using the ATI All in Wonder and after installing their drivers I have
had no problems.

From: <John.Oppen@West.Boeing.com>
The Instant Track FAQ file at www.amsat.org, has a description of this
problem.  It is in the Feature Articles section of the web page.  Their
downloadable files area has a patch to fix it.  

From: W1BFN@aol.com

There's a patch that comes with the original disk for this problem

> Not on my original disk which is MANY years old.  I just checked.
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