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Re: SA off at midnight GMT

Hmm. I've been watching my TAC since shortly before midnight UTC, and as of
4 minutes after I've seen no change. The URAs on all visible satellites
are still 7, and the range and range rate errors have their typical
S/A-on values, e.g.,

Time ref: 173114.0 Tue May  2 (123) 00:05:02 2000 UTC
PRN 29 range -16.55 m range rate 0.060 m/sec IOD 75
PRN 22 range 17.75 m range rate -0.204 m/sec IOD 236
PRN 23 range -5.85 m range rate -0.610 m/sec IOD 6
PRN 17 range 42.54 m range rate 0.256 m/sec IOD 235
PRN 26 range 7.37 m range rate 0.368 m/sec IOD 111
PRN 21 range -4.42 m range rate 0.313 m/sec IOD 226
PRN 6 range -2.30 m range rate -0.120 m/sec IOD 222
PRN 3 range -1.24 m range rate -0.062 m/sec IOD 18

(I'm operating my Oncore VP in position hold mode using a position
derived some time ago by averaging a month's worth of data. I.e., it's
operating as a low-cost DGPS correction generator, though I don't do
anything with the data but multicast it over my house Ethernet.)

Maybe the changes are being commanded manually?

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