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problems with "The Station"


I recently installed "The Station" V1.01 Beta 20 on a pentium II running
Windows 98 Version 2.  The tracking works great, but my CI-V interface
to an Icom 821 encounters some difficulty in the duplex mode.

1.  When running full duplex with the "FDT" box checked in the duplex
console, how do you make frequency corrections?  When I click the tune
button and make the frequency adjustment, I click tune to return and it
returns to the original frequency.

2.  What is the Delay in Msec. for that is shown at the bottom of the
duplex screen?  I am assuming that is the path delay encountered to the
satellite, but can find no documentation.

3.  On the FM repeater birds like SO-35, UO-14, etc. The Station will
not show or perform doppler caculations.  It works just fine in beacon

Can someone help with these issues? Paul Willmott suggested I turn it
over to the group for help.

Thanks in advance
Kevin Faris

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