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Re: Wisp config ?

At 11:50 29-04-00 -0500, Jim Cordill wrote:
>I hope some one can help me, I am running wisp to a PacComm tnc and need
>some help with the setup.  do I need to put the tnc into kiss mode or will
>wisp do this for me?
>TNX KI0BK Jim Olathe KS

Hi Jim,

WiSP will do it for you. I have a PacComm Tiny2 with g3ruh 9600 baud modem
and this is what happens in my case.... You must have the TNC powered up
when MSPE starts.

When MSPE starts and the MSPE window come up, in the top right-hand window
the following text appears:

Initialising your TNC-2 TNC.
Using your default equations
BBS Callsign is set to (whatever)
Broadcast Callsign set to (whatever)
Running under Windows V4.0
TNC set for full duplex

You should see the STA and CON LEDs blink 3 times during initialisation.
This is putting the TNC into KISS mode.

If you watch very carefully you should see the STA LED blink again when
the TNC is set to full duplex after a second or two.

This process happens each time MSPE starts.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Bill...vk3jt
Milawa Australia

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