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HS Students Needing Payload Help

Due to my involvement with high power rocketry, I was contacted
by a group of high school students in Washington state that are planning
on doing a rockoon launch in August.  They are still working on the
details for telemetry equipment to do an APRS downlink.  They have
the recieve equipment and from what I gather a little help from a local 
ham, but still need advice on the payload, especially with the transmitter.
I'm sure there are people on the Amsat list with more experience than
I have at this.  If anybody would like to lend them a hand, please contact
them at p_alpha@moonman.com .

Here's a little of the conversation I've had with them to give you an idea
of what they are looking for:

 >>Any information and assistance you
 >>could offer would very helpful.
 >>Some vital information
 >>The 55 mile minimum range is Line of Sight range

 >>The weight for the payload has been doubled from  350 grams to 700
 >>grams. Minus the GPS device and flight on board data recorder, the remaining
 >>weight for the transmitter is approximately 450 to 500 grams, the
 >>lighter the better.

 >>Also, having limited knowledge of electronic engineering, I am looking
 >>for something that requires minimal rewiring of components, but if
 >>necessary, could obtain help with this if it is needed.

 >>Chris Trone said: 

 >>As part of a rocketry project I am tasked with obtaining a GPS System for
 >>tracking. The biggest problem thus far has been finding something small
 >>enough to fit yet high powered enough to have sufficient transmition
 >>strength. The ID of the rocket is 54mm and a max weight of 350grams . So
 >>far I have been able to find a capable GPS reciever. I am currently looking
 >>at using a Motarola M12 as the reciever. I need to find a way to transmit a
 >>signal from the M12 on the rocket back to the ground.
 >>The signal range needs to be at least 55 miles and meet the weight/size
 >>recomendations mentioned above. Does anyone have any ideas
 >>for me? 

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