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Re: 70cm amps

I hate to give bad reviews on companies publicly, but I too had a very
lengthy warranty repair that TE Systems tried to charged me to repair.
The AMP quickly developed a problem after I received it.   It took
several months to get my AMP repaired under warranty and I made
numerous calls on the status.  The response was typically something to
the effect they do not know why it is taking so long.  After many months
of calling, the amplifier was received COD.  I had to write a check for
about  $100+ to free the hostage.  The next day I cancelled the check
and called TE Systems to inform them of my action.  Nobody was
available to talk to me (not unusual) and the call was never returned.
However, I did send a FAX explaining the cancelled check and requested
them to call me if they still felt it was necessary to dispute it.  I never
heard from them.  It would have been nice if somebody called to discuss
the problem, but it was left open in a very unbusiness like manner.  In
I seem to recall (documented) that they never returned any of my telephone
calls throughout the process.  I was the one doing all of the calling.

Then, I was insulted by the diagnosis as being low voltage supply to the
amplifier as the cause of the failure.  It does not take a rocket scientist
(although I do live in the land of rocket scientist's) to know how to
voltage.  Then, the person on the other end of the phone started to dispute
their own specification as printed in their manual.

Sorry, but the is one company I will never do business with again.

Aside from all my frustration, the AMP has worked flawlessly since the
repair and I am using the same exact power supply that was cited as the
source of the problem.  It is still painful just to think about the
situation after
many years have passed.  I have never dealt with a company that has
been so unresponsive.

Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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>Bob - W7LRD asked:
>> My recent attempts at AO-10 clearly show I need an amp.  Before I make
>> out the check, I would like to know what the collective wisdom is on this
>> subject.  A short note- e-mail direct please.
>Then Gary "Joe" Mayfield said:
>>     I had very good luck with a T.E. Systems amp.  And I know they
>> are still available.  Burghardt's here in town has them.
>> http://www.burghardt-amateur.com
>Just my opinion based on our experiences with TE Systems amps - AVOID THEM
>LIKE THE PLAGUE!  Our club has the better part of a dozen of them in use on
>our repeater network (13 repeaters on 220).  To date we have had 100%
>failures on them.  We could not get TE systems to fix them even on
>warrantee.  In fact several years ago we had sent two amps in for warrantee
>repair and after 11 months, they had not even opened the shipping box!  We
>finally drove over to their facility and picked up the box (still
>un-opened).  We had a RF design engineer take a look at them and he said
>that the electrical design was right out of a Motorola Application note
>(except that they pushed the transistors pretty hard), but the thermal
>design was horrible.  We have redesigned the thermal design and they are
>better, but we will NEVER buy another one.
>Professionally, my employer has a bunch of their amps in a commercial
>and have also had a very high failure rate.
>Jim Walls - K6CCC
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