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Phase 3-D Lab Update and work party

Getting Phase 3-D ready for launch was the highest priority for the Phase 
3-D Integration Team.

But we would like to apologize to everybody who has helped support Phase 
3-D including volunteers and especially those who donated to Phase 3-D's 
construction for not keeping our web page up to date.

We have updated the web site and posted several photos of Phase 3-D's last 
stages of integration and testing and shipment to French Guiana.  The web 
address is http://www.magicnet.net/~phase3d/

We have cleared out much of the laboratory and taken down our 
cleanroom.  Much of the support equipment for Phase 3-D has been put in to 
temporary storage.

But the job isn't complete yet.  The ground support equipment that AMSAT 
borrows from individual hams still needs to be shipped to French Guiana to 
support the launch site integration and testing some other equipment will 
remain in place until Phase 3-D is safely in orbit and everything has been 

The Lab will have a work party for volunteers on Saturday May 6th.  If 
you're in central Florida and can help out please drop by.  No special 
skills are necessary - just a desire to help out.  In addition we're going 
to be working on some of the ham radio hardware which will be flying to the 
International Space Station on the STS-106 flight in August.  The Web page 
has more details and directions to the Lab.

Thanks for your support!

Lou McFadin
P3D Integration Laboratory Manager

Amsat Labs
Phase 3D Integration Facility
4101 Lindy Circle
Orlando Fl 32827


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