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Re: movie frequency

Well just thought you should know that the www.amsatnet.com site is blocked
by the CyberPatrol internet filtering software. (www.cyberpatrol.com)
They are VERY bad about blanket blocking any IP address...such as yours
( that has anything remotely bad on it. I go to a private
University and they have this software on the network. So therefore I can't
go see the site, instead I get a message about how pornography is against
the school rules.
You need to all go to www.cyberpatrol.com and click the CyberNot link, and
then put in the IP address for www.amsatnet.com which is ,
if you type in www.amsatnet.com it will say it is not blocked, but it is
really the host server that Amsatnet.com is hosted on that has offensive
stuff on it.

Just thought you should know! THis affects many more people than just me!

See you on the birds!
Jamie Hutches, KD5GOB 

At 10:54 PM 04/27/2000 -0006, Bruce Paige wrote:
>well, i am done for now and tired. went to the preview of frequency at the 
>request of their advertising agent and mahana (w5bts) and myself setup 
>some hf equipment and some vhf equipment as well as a laptop tracking the 
>we were right outside the door to the theatre showing the movie so when 
>people were lining up to enter, they got to see all the equipment. did not
>much activity, very few questions. then i stayed outside the door with the 
>radios and people passing by for other movies asked questions. mahana 
>wanted to see the movie again. 
>when the movie was over, we got swamped. people that were not hams knew 
>the story line involved ham radio but the general public didn't really know. 
>afterwards, they were asking all kinds of questions and we gave out a bunch 
>of literature on becomming a ham. 
>pics and story at http://www.amsatnet.com/freq.html
>so those of you that will be setting up at theatres in your town, be
>for the exodus. the beginning is going to be slow. but hold your horses 
>because you are going to get swamped.
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"When the freedom we seek is the freedom from responsibility, we cease to
be free." 

Jamie Hutches
Harding University, Searcy, Arkansas
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