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portable pacsat station

Has anyone out there got any experience with running a portable pacsat
station, especially automated/unattended? I'm thinking of a lightweight
setup with a laptop, HT(Kenwood THD7A?),and a smaller/collapsible crossed
Yagi like an Arrow. For a rotor,  I'm looking at $200, 12 pound pan/tilt
units for security cameras, mounted on a camera tripod.   It looks like I
would have to write some code to interface a Sat program with the HT, and
come up with some code and a hardware interface for the pan/tilt unit.

I'm a newbie, I also want to ask if a pacsat email can be uplinked to a
pacsat and then routed through a Satgate to an Internet gate and Internet
email recipient.  Will the reverse route also work?

Also, given my location, can anyone comment on the issue of transmitting
and receiving from within a neighborhood's thick tree cover?  Given the 5
watt HT and smaller Yagi?


Terry Settergren
    IBM  CPIT Austin AIX
     tie 678 3082  ;  512 838 3082
     pager 834 5590
     512 327-1323 home

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