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RE: 70cm amps

Bob - W7LRD asked:

> My recent attempts at AO-10 clearly show I need an amp.  Before I make
> out the check, I would like to know what the collective wisdom is on this
> subject.  A short note- e-mail direct please.

Then Gary "Joe" Mayfield said:

>     I had very good luck with a T.E. Systems amp.  And I know they
> are still available.  Burghardt's here in town has them.

> http://www.burghardt-amateur.com

Just my opinion based on our experiences with TE Systems amps - AVOID THEM
LIKE THE PLAGUE!  Our club has the better part of a dozen of them in use on
our repeater network (13 repeaters on 220).  To date we have had 100%
failures on them.  We could not get TE systems to fix them even on
warrantee.  In fact several years ago we had sent two amps in for warrantee
repair and after 11 months, they had not even opened the shipping box!  We
finally drove over to their facility and picked up the box (still
un-opened).  We had a RF design engineer take a look at them and he said
that the electrical design was right out of a Motorola Application note
(except that they pushed the transistors pretty hard), but the thermal
design was horrible.  We have redesigned the thermal design and they are
better, but we will NEVER buy another one.
Professionally, my employer has a bunch of their amps in a commercial system
and have also had a very high failure rate.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Mobile Radio Operations
Southern California Edison Co.
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