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Antenna Mounting Masts / Poles Strength

Several (okay, probably many) years ago there was an article (I think in CQ
magazine perhaps) about calculating the strength requirements and material
requirements for masts supporting yagi antennas.  I'm sure this will sound
absolutely insane, but I am going to attempt to build a mast that sticks 20
feet above the ground with no guys.  On top of this mast I intend to mount a
rotor, yagis for VHF and UHF, as well L band and S band antennas (some time
in the future).  I hope to pin / hinge this mast so it will fold over
allowing me to work on it near the ground.  The current plan is to install a
pair of 10 ten foot masts in the ground and then mount the 20 footer between

I have a source for all kinds of steel pipe and a friend who is a very good
welder (and he owes me a couple favors).  I would love to hear any and/or
all sugestions and/or hints.

Thanks and 73,

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