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Re: Globalstar

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000, Richard Parry wrote:

> I work on Globalstar. We don't operate on Ka Band, we operate at C 
> (~6.8GHz), S (2.4GHz), and L(1.6GHz) bands.
> Don't understand the second question, are you asking for the size of the 
> footprint (spot beam)?

Great, I didnt want to bother you, but I have a team of students that
thinks they are going to be able to use a Qualcomm phone IN A SATELLITE.
Just call it up when you want data.  I asked if they had done the link
budget and got dumb stares.

I thought I remember that you had to use GAIN antennas on the satellites
to get enough link margin.  GAIN then means you have a narrower Beamwidth.
Thus you point beams at the ground.  THUS your satellites will NOT see a
Qualcom phone in aother satellite at about the same height except for the
chance in a million when it flies under one of your birds and is briefly
within one of the spot beams.

If you could tell me the size of the spot beams, then I can calculate
the gains and all the rest and tell them how many DB off they are in their
assumptions... Thanks!


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