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Help needed: packetmodes, software/hardware

Hello Hams,
I really need some help.
I am setting up my station for working via the leo-birds at first. 
I am succesfully using SV6AGW-Packetengine under windows '98 (on a 133Mhz
pc, 32 Meg-RAM), together with either WinPack 6.4 or the AGWTerminalprograma
and a 1200 baud modem, for terrestial packetuse.

I have just finished assembling a 9600/1200 baud YAM-modem (I read that it
is possible to use Manchester encoding).
I have a few questions.
1. I it essential to buy a TNC or can I use my soundcard?
2. I downloaded WISP3214. Can I use this with AGW-packetengine or a
3. If a new TNC is essential, which one at the moment has a good
price/quality level?
4. What is FM9600 BPSK? I've read articles on PSK(31) and software, but
could not find if this is really the same?

Please give me some advise on these topics, which software should I get (and
where), maybe a hint for webpages on these topics. 

I am currently working on a preamp and will build a TPMII antenna in the
coming weeks.
For tracking I use Winorbit 3.6.

Hope to work you on the birds asap.
'73s Geert, PE9GH, The Netherlands

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