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Re: Digital Satelite Details

On Mon, 24 Apr 2000, Bronson wrote:

> What I would like to know is:
> Just what is the PACSAT communications protocol?  I am looking for the
> kind of info you can use to write a program to deal with the PACSATs.


carries full details of the Pacsat Communications Protocol.

> What are the details of the BPSK and FSK modes?  ie. phase shifts and/or
> frequency shifts where applicable.


carries a discussion regarding the various modulation end encoding methods
used by OSCAR satellites.

> What are the protocols and/or decoding procedures used to extract the
> info from the telemetry signal of a given satellite?  I doubt there is
> any standardization here but somewhere someone must know this info for a
> given satellite.

The format used by the Pacsats to transmit telemetry is fairly generic,
but the calibration equations differ between satellites. 

> Just what is "Manchester" encoded?  Again I am looking for the kind of
> info that can be used to program a DSP system.

In addition to the URL listed above,


provides additional details on Manchester encoding (including
actual schematics).

73, de John, KD2BD

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