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Digital Satelite Details

I am new to satellite operations and try as I may I canít seem to find
much detail of the various digital modes and telemetry protocols on the
satellites.  I have purchased a copy of AMSATís "The AMSAT-NA Digital
Satellite Guide" but while there is useful info in it, it is short on
details.  This is understandable since, for an individual satellite, I
should imagine the info I am after would probably consume twice as many
pages, if not more.

What I would like to know is:

Just what is the PACSAT communications protocol?  I am looking for the
kind of info you can use to write a program to deal with the PACSATs.

What are the details of the BPSK and FSK modes?  ie. phase shifts and/or
frequency shifts where applicable.

What are the protocols and/or decoding procedures used to extract the
info from the telemetry signal of a given satellite?  I doubt there is
any standardization here but somewhere someone must know this info for a
given satellite.

Just what is "Manchester" encoded?  Again I am looking for the kind of
info that can be used to program a DSP system.

Where can I find such information????

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