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Re: Predicting Final Orbit

Hi Matt,

>Is there any program around that can predict using 'current' keps when a
>satellite will decay into earth's orbit?

The program "SatEvo" will do just that. It was written by Alan Pickup
and is available from him. His email address is 


Regards, Bill...vk3jt
Milawa Australia

I'm not sure that I understood your question regarding AO-10.
It has a highly elliptical orbit which means that a "pass" can
last for many hours or sometimes just some minutes depending
on where it is in its orbit when you can 'see' it. If it's way
out at apogee you can get several hours of operating time but
if it's around perigee when you see it you may only get 20-30 min
as it goes over close in to the earth.

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