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M-Squared Eggbeaters 2m/70cm

I'm reducing the price on
my pair of almost new (mounted 1 month) 
M-Squared 2m/440 eggbeaters both with the optional
reflector/mast-mount kits that give an extra 6DB gain of the overhead, 
circular variety as well as a way to mount the antennas on a 1" - 2 1/4"
mast. I've upgraded to a dual-band beam and rotator that seems to be
working great.  I've worked all of the LEOs with them and
even AO-10 a couple times when it was close by.

New, I paid $129.00 each for the antennas and $37.50 each for the
reflector kits (which really help).  

I'll sell all (together as a unit) for $200.00 plus shipping.

>From M-Squared's webpage:

"The EGGBEATER offers exciting new performance characteristics for both fixed
and mobile operations.  The EGGBEATER produces smooth omnidirectional
HORIZONTAL polarity at the horizon.  Above the horizon, the pattern
transforms to RIGHT HAND CIRCULAR, making it a natural for
OSCAR satellite use.  By spacing the EGGBEATER 1/8 wave above a metal
surface or adding the optional RK2M/70M radial kit for base isntallations, 
the circular lobe increases by 6DB, producing a hemispherical pattern.
No rotation or sterring is required.  For terrestrial mobile, base, net 
control, contest or field day operation, increased distance above ground or
a metallic surface improves the horizontal radiation by 6 DB.
This produces instantaneous communications in all directions."

Buyer will pay actual shipping and
insurance costs. Shipment will be made only to the 50 United States.
Please make payment with US Postal Money Order, US bank cashiers check,
or paypal.com.


Jon, N7WNX
(541) 747-5782
(541) 346-1731 Mon-Wed days.

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