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AMSAT at Dayton Hamvention

AMSAT at Dayton Hamvention

The Dayton Hamvention is quickly approaching (May 19-21).  This memo
outlines AMSAT’s activities at Hamvention and provides an overview of how
you can help make Hamvention a successful weekend for AMSAT.  Dayton is a
three-day 'marathon' with an immense amount of activity and will include the
ARRL National Convention for the first time.

For those planning to use GPS to Hamvention, Hara Arena’s location in
degrees/decimal minutes is:

N 39 49.223
W 84 15.335

I.  AMSAT Booth Activities
AMSAT will be in the same booth location as previous years: Booth spaces
445-448. We expect to have a very busy booth this year with a variety of
updated and new items:

a. Steve Thompson, W5PK, has created a new AMSAT design that will be
embrodiered on a golf  Shirt as well as offered on a new T-Shirt.  The new
design will also be available separately as a patch and as a decal.    AMSAT
will also have “Ham in Space” T-shirts available.
b.  An updated laminated AMSAT Frequency Guide with the latest satellite
information will be offered.
c.  An updated "Amateur Satellite Resource Guide" (thanks to N1JEZ) will be
available at the Beginner's Forum and provided to new members.
d.  The latest "Working the Easy Sats" (updated by N1JEZ) will also be
available at Dayton.
e.  A revised “Digital Satellite Guide” by Gould Smith, WA4SXM, is planned
for Dayton.
f.  Once again, AMSAT will offer the 'Arrow Antenna" at the booth this year.
Please note that AMSAT expects to handle this antenna at Hamvention ONLY and
will not necessarily be available from AMSAT following Hamvention. This is
the antenna that many individuals are using to work through AO-27 utilizing
their dual-band HT's.
g. Latest version of WISP on diskette.
h. AMSAT will be the only distributor of NOVA at Hamvention this year as
Northern Lights Software will not be present.  Software is on CD-ROM.
i.  For the Mac enthusiasts, we will have MacDoppler Pro.
j.  For the PC user, the Kansas City Tracker will also be available.
k. All of the current AMSAT publications will be available.
l. As in the past, software demonstrations will be conducted at the booth.
m. The latest version of the P3-D model kit by Steve Thompson, W5PK will be
available.  First introduced at Dayton last year, the kit has been updated
over the past year.

Please note that Dayton Hamvention commercial hours of operation has been
increased as the commercial exhibit hours on Friday has been changed to
0900-1800.  This is 1:00 earlier than last year and will provide a full day
of commercial activities.    The commercial hours on Saturday are 0800-1700
and 0800-1300 on Sunday.  Overall, the AMSAT booth will be open for 23 hours
over the weekend.

II.  AMSAT Membership Drive

AMSAT has been offered a wonderful opportunity to build our membership base
during the Dayton Hamvention.  In addition to the interest being generated
by the anticipated launch of Phase 3-D later this year and the opportunities
made available by UO-14, we now have an additional incentive for joining
AMSAT.  An AMSAT benefactor has offered to cover the cost of an ICOM 821H
transceiver to be used as a prize drawing at Dayton!

For an individual to be eligible for the prize drawing. The following
criteria must be met:

a.  An individual must cover the cost of a membership to AMSAT-NA.  Cost of
US membership is $30.00 while cost to personnel residing in Canada is $36.00
and memberships for all others is $45.00.

b. Both new memberships and renewals of existing memberships at the suitable
level are eligible for the drawing.

c. New membership/renewals must be done at the AMSAT booth at Dayton

d. Only one membership per individual will qualify.  This means an
individual who elects for a multi-year membership receives one chance just
as an individual who selects a one year membership.

e. Individuals who currently hold a Life Membership may elect to donate to
AMSAT the equivalent of one year’s membership ($30.00 US, $36.00 if living
in Canada, or $45.00 elsewhere) for one chance at the prize drawing.

Keep in mind that membership dues will increase on July 1, so renew between
now and June 30 to avoid the higher rate.

The drawing for the Icom 821H will be done at the AMSAT booth at 1200 on
Sunday, May 21.  The winner does not have to be present to win and AMSAT
will cover the cost of shipping the radio to the member’s address as shown
on the membership form.   If the winner is present at the drawing, the
individual may take the transceiver home directly (and save AMSAT the
shipping costs).  In accordance with Federal Tax Code which requires prizes
valued over $600.00 to be reported, AMSAT will prepare IRS Form 1099
covering the cost of the transceiver so that the winner can include this
information in their Year 2000 Income Tax Return.

This is a unique opportunity that is primarily designed to attract new
members to AMSAT prior to the dues increase.  While some may regret that we
could not include renewals outside of Dayton, the logistics of such an
option (including formal notification of our membership prior to July 1)
made it impractical to extend the program beyond Dayton.  Keep in mind that
the primary purpose of this incentive is to encourage new memberships from
those who attend our Hamvention Forums and visit the AMSAT booth where they
can meet members, obtain information, and be encouraged to join our hobby.

III.  Hamvention Volunteers

We need folks to volunteer for a 'tour of duty' during a portion of the
Hamvention. Volunteers will help handle the myriad of activities that
typically occur at an AMSAT booth-handle transaction, deal with memberships
and renewals, answer questions, and serve as a representative of AMSAT.
Prior experience in representing AMSAT at (any) hamfests is helpful but not

Please let me know if you can give us a hand during the Hamvention. Send me
an e-mail (wd4asw@amsat.org) and include the following:

1. What hours are you willing to volunteer during each day that the
commercial exhibits are open?  The commercial exhibits are open Friday
0900-1800, Saturday 0800-1700, and Sunday 0800-1300. Please volunteer for
one-hour periods or multiples thereof.  If you can help at various times
during the Hamvention, please provide a prioritization as to which specified
periods are best for you.

2. Include your name, callsign, and e-mail address in your message.

3. Indicate any special skills that would be helpful, such as familiarity
with specific products available through AMSAT, particularly software such
as WISP and NOVA. While we are looking for volunteers to help with the
'crush' of normal exhibitor activities, it would be helpful to know who can
assist in software demonstrations or answer particular questions about
various aspects of our hobby during a particular shift.

4. If you have already sent me an e-mail offering to volunteer, please
respond by e-mail to this request by specifying the times that you are
available to work.

I intend to provide a tentative work schedule no later than May 10 to those
who have indicated a willingness to help. Please stop by the AMSAT booth
when you arrive at the Hamvention to confirm your schedule or to change your
work assignment if necessary.

It should be noted that setup of the booth will take place on Thursday.  If
you are available to help with booth setup please let me know.

IV.  Other AMSAT Activities

1. Don't forget the AMSAT dinner on Friday evening, 19 MAY, at the Amber
Rose Restaurant in old North Dayton, which is the same location that we’ve
used for the past four years. Cost including tax and tip is $20.00. Seating
is limited, so please register with Ed Collins, N8NUY.  Please send an
e-mail to directly to n8nuy@amsat.org.    Ed will be at the AMSAT booth on
Friday to accept late reservations for dinner.  He will provide maps and
directions to the restaurant as well.  For GPS/APRS users, the restaurant's
location in degrees/decimal minutes is:

N 39 46.915
W 084 9.557

Maidenhead Grid Square EM79ws

2 AMSAT’s block of rooms at the Homewood Suites, Fairborn have already been
assigned.    You can contact the hotel directly to see if there are rooms
left. Their number is 937-429-0600. Alternatively, you can try the Fairfield
Inn (next door to Homewood Suites) 937-427-0800.

GPS users staying at the Homewood Suites should note the hotel’s location

N 39 46.623
W 84 03.342

3. AMSAT will be involved with the following scheduled presentations on
Saturday afternoon:

Saturday, May 20, 2000:

12:15-2:30 P.M.
......(Room 3)
Moderator: Robin Haighton, VE3FRH Executive Vice President,
AMSAT-North America

Keith Baker, KB1SF, President, AMSAT-North America

"Getting Started on the Amateur Radio Satellites"
Barry Baines, WD4ASW
AMSAT-NA Vice President, Field Operations

"PHASE 3-D--Spacecraft and Launch Status"
Keith Baker, KB1SF, President, AMSAT-North America
along with P3-D International Satellite Project Team members

"SAREX, ARISS and the International Space Station:
Mission Reports and Plans"
Frank Bauer, KA3HDO, AMSAT-NA Vice President, Human Spaceflight Programs
along with ARISS Team members

Please note that the AMSAT Forum is in the main Exhibit Area and ***not***
offsite.  The 2:15 of forum time promises to cover a number of areas of
interest to the amateur radio satellite community.

4. Satellite Demonstrations
Jerry Schmitt, KK5YY, will be providing demonstrations of AO-27 and other
satellites from outside Hara Arena using his FM radio and Arrow Antenna.
Details concerning the times of the passes and where to view the
demonstrations will be available at the AMSAT booth.

Schedule of good passes during Hamvention hours:

	AO-27  05/18 15:08   5/19 14:41/16:21   5/20 14:14/15:54
	UO-14  05/18 15:52   5/19 15:23/17:03   5/20 14:54/16:33

	All times are UTC. Please listen for us and help show how
	easy and friendly it can be on the FM sats. Thanks 73 Jerry

V.  Other Dayton Activities to keep in mind

Please note that there are several other forums that may be of interest to
AMSAT members.  These include:

a. Friday, 1000-1200, Rm. 3:  “Weather Satellites” with Dave Cawley G4IUG,
Remote Imaging Group

b. Friday 1000-1245, Rm. 1:  “TAPR/Digital Packet” moderated by John Acker,

c. Friday, 130-1400, Rm. 1: “Space and Education” with Rosalie White, WA1STO
and Dan Miller, K3UFG.  Rosalie is heavily involved with Amateur Radio on
the International Space Station (ARISS).   The forum is aimed at
schoolteachers and volunteers who want to work with schools.

Saturday 1500-1700, Rm. 3: “LIVE! Town Meeting” hosted by Bill Pasternak,
WA6ITF.   This forum is designed to provide a ‘show and tell’ overview of
various aspects of amateur radio to newer hams and provide an idea of how to
have a lot of fun in the newly restructured world of Amateur Radio. The
session will be broadcast live on the Internet using Real Audio.  Among the
participants will be AMSAT’s Jerry Schmitt, KK5YY, who will highlight the
fun of ham radio in space using the FM satellites.

Dayton is a unique opportunity to represent AMSAT to an extremely large
number of people. If at all possible, please consider giving us a hand
during this event.  If you will be attending Hamvention this year and are
unable to help out, please stop by the AMSAT booth and say ‘hello.’

Barry A. Baines, WD4ASW
VP-Field Operations

e-mail: wd4asw@amsat.org
phone: 904-398-5185 (home)
904-399-3225 (home-fax)
904-359-1933 (work)

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