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Re: Predict "On Line"

Hello Tate.

20 Apr 00 09:16, you wrote to David M. Tipton, PhD:

 T> But in all reality, at least for me, it won't offer a lot and likely
 T> wouldn't be worth your effort. I've got WinOrbit and STSPlus running
 T> on one box and soon will have Predict running on my LINUX box. With
 T> the new 'grab your keps while running' feature of STSPlus - no real
 T> need to go online, except for the occasional updates.
 T> Now, offering this as a service to those not as well equipped, or even
 T> as a 'verifier' for new setups - there's something I could use (if and
 T> when J-trak goes down). Maybe a short write up on how to set this up
 T> on a LINUX box would be a help for other projects as well.
 T> Another idea would be for wireless access - maybe telnet into the
 T> shack box on a TCP/IP packet link? Lots easier to use the horsepower
 T> in the shack and something basic on that 286 laptop in the
 T> Ramcharger...

I would like to know how to do it.  It could be a lead up to some useful ideas.

Probably won't take too much for me to get it going this way, I have been
around Linux a while.  Just have to get round to downloading a copy of Predict.


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