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RE: FO-20 Beacon ?

Hello MarkG.

20 Apr 00 19:31, you wrote to John Heath:

 M> I might add that reception of a pass last night didn't begin until
 M> nearly 35 degrees up and my own signal was barely audible at 82
 M> degrees when it should have been at least S7. There was no beacon the
 M> entire time. The satellite disappeared at about 40 degrees on the way
 M> back down.
 M> 73...Mark - KB3CWS

I had a play with FO-20 today.  Not having both 2 and 70cm SSB, I was limited
to playing CW with FM gear.  On the portable beam, I was getting a reasonable
signal back from the bird with 0.25W on the uplink into a 2 element yagi.  2W
gave a signal as strong as the beacon used to be.

Had a listen for the beacon, couldn't hear it...


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