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Re: Predict "On Line"

Nice thought Dave,

But in all reality, at least for me, it won't offer a lot and likely wouldn't
be worth your effort. I've got WinOrbit and STSPlus running on one box and soon
will have Predict running on my LINUX box. With the new 'grab your keps while
running' feature of STSPlus - no real need to go online, except for the
occasional updates.

Now, offering this as a service to those not as well equipped, or even as a
'verifier' for new setups - there's something I could use (if and when J-trak
goes down). Maybe a short write up on how to set this up on a LINUX box would
be a help for other projects as well.

Another idea would be for wireless access - maybe telnet into the shack box on
a TCP/IP packet link? Lots easier to use the horsepower in the shack and
something basic on that 286 laptop in the Ramcharger...


"David M. Tipton, PhD" wrote:
> Ok,
> Here's an idea, if people really think this is a great idea (Or even a good
> one...), I'd be willing to set up multiple accounts to handle multiple
> areas..  Maybe one for DC, One for LA, or where ever people were demanding
> it...
> Dave

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