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Re: Predict "On Line"

"David M. Tipton, PhD" wrote:

> I have set up an account on my Linux box for anyone who is interested (And
> in the DC area more than likely) that will allow you to run Predict.
> (Actually.. It's all that it will allow.)  Telnet to and log
> in as "sat" with a password of "sat".

Ok  this is good... I went there and it works ... but it is configurable from
the remote access..
I may have screwed this up on you ... but I can change the setting on the
program with out authorization.. you need to change the access level of "sat" to
read only. And have default settings in the program..  then sat will or can
change settings but once you log off it will revert to the default..
thanks Dave ...

> This is for two purposes.. One, I wanted to give something back to the
> group.  Two, maybe someone can tell me if the thing is configured correctly.
> Cheers,
> Dave

Jim Hertel,  n6kmr
Stanara@wac.com   ...Personal
n6kmr@modesto.n6kmr.ampr.org  ...Ham radio
n6kmr@n6kmr.#ncca.ca.us.noam  ...Packet Radio

I think this is enough...

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