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RE: Two different programs, two different answers..

> SO-35 is turned on for only one pass.  Something I had no 
> idea about until I
> worked N7SFI on it and he filled me in on some of the 
> details.  Guess it was
> dumb luck that I was listening at the correct time.

This is one of the things to watch with SO-35.  However, it's well worth
looking up the actual scheduled pass time on the url given.  SO-35 is an
excellent bird.
> The schedule is posted on the SunSat web site at the following link:
> http://sunsat.ee.sun.ac.za/ham1.htm

This is a "must" to bookmark. 

> Check the times listed on the SunSat page for North America 
> and compare to
> you programs.  That might give you a clue as to which one is correct.

Depending where you are, the pass times given on the site should be within
5-10 minutes of one of the predictions.  Any discrepency between the given
times and calculated (assuming accurate) pass times is because the given
times are when the transponder is actually turned on, regardless of whether
the bird is overhead at your QTH or not.

> > I have Predict running on my Linux box.  It tells me that SO-35 was
> > supposed to fly over starting at 1:42Z.  Win Orbit tells me 
> that it's not
> > due for until 2:10Z...  I haven't been able to hear it and 
> I'm wondering
> > what could be causing such a wide discrepency.  I have 
> updated both with
> > the same (And most recent Keps)...

Also, check your time zone settings, particularly Daylight Saving settings
for each OS.  And in the case of Win Orbit, ensure it is using the SGP-4
model for calculations.

> > PS- Why can't I ever hear these things when they fly over?  
> I've tried a
> > bunch of different combos with no success at all...  And 
> yet.. People work
> > these with HT's???

I, for one. :-)
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