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ISS Packet Radio Connection Opportunity

AMSAT-DC Subscribers:

I wanted to alert each of you of a very exciting, limited opportunity to 
experience the ISS ham radio station a few months before it reaches 
orbit.  Right now one of the ISS ham radio training sets are operating 
on-top of building 11 at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, 
Maryland.  This training set ultimately will be sent to the Gagarian 
Cosmonaut Training Complex in Star City Russia to support cosmonaut and 
astronaut training.  Current plans are to ship this unit on Thursday, so 
time is limited.

We will be testing the 2 meter equipment for the next 15 hours (until 
around 1 pm EDT on Wednesday).  You are welcome to connect up to the ISS 
equipment, digipeat through it (including APRS), and use the bbs.

We are operating on the following freqs:

145.80 "downlink"
144.49 "uplink"

The station is using the callsign, W5RRR.

I plan to switch over to 70 cm tomorrow.  We will be operating within the 
oscar sub-band for this (around 436 MHz) so some 70 cm radios will not be 
able to support this.

If you have the opportunity to work the station, please send me an e-mail 
with your location.  I hope to compile these and send the compiled list out 

Thanks and enjoy.

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
AMSAT-NA V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs

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