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RE: More RS-15 revisited: W6-Europe

Dennis probably has the achieved the top LEO distance with his RS-15
There is still interest out there in trying to "push the envelope" on the
I just got a QSL this week for a contact I made on 19 March 2000 with Dan
OK1DIG in the Czech Republic on FO-20 (distance 7980 kilometres).  I have 17
countries on FO-20 including: Japan (6924 km), Finland (7336 km) and Germany
(7884 km).  All done on 15W or less with no prearranged skeds. Many evenings
when there is a mutual window, I hear several stations trying from both
sides of the Atlantic.

Ron Seiler VE7VVW

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>There doesn't seem to be much interest anymore in "pushing the
>envelope" on LEO's.  Too bad.  FO-20 has always allowed the
>opportunity for long distance communication because of the high
>apogee of it's eliptical orbit.

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