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Builderick@aol.com writes:

<< Maybe the ISS people could see this in action and put this on board. Great 
 for my kids as it puts ham radio and science into something they can see.
  Three cheers for the bankrup russians who are doing what the rich americans 
 only dream of.
 Rick KB0VBZ >>
You don't follow the space program much, do you?  The continued preoccupation 
with Mir by the Russians is THE MAJOR reason why ISS construction has been 
slowed.  As for Amateur capability on ISS,  SSTV will be a minor feature 
present on board the new station compared to what's in the works.  I get my 
news on the subject from Florida Today space online and recommend it over 
just about any other news source.  Check it out, you'll be better able to  
discuss such topics more clearly with everyone here on the BB and contribute 
accurate worthwhile and vital information when we all need it most. 
73, Steve
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