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Correct time?

I have a some questions...

I just tried AO27 as I thought it passed over central Texas (Abilene),
and heard nothing, not even myself. Do I have the correct data stream,
was it just over Abilene, Texas (central Texas) at 1600 UTC this
morning? I do not have much of an antenna system at this time, but
surely I should have heard at least myself? If I had the right orbit
information, because it looked like the bird passed right over me.

How do I tell which orbit stream WinOrbit is using? Everytime I open it
it tells me it does not have the current elements for AO10, yet I
dutifully file the newest 2 liners in the Keps folder when I get them.
(i.e. C:...\WinOrbit\Keps\4 16 2000.2li)

Thank all of you for being so patient with another newcomer.


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