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Re: Chimney mount antenna mast

Hi Rich,

Those aren't the sturdiest mounts in the world, and can also be hard on your
chimney, especially if it's an older style with no reinforcing.  If you must
use it you might consider using the mount as designed (with a 1-1/4" or
1'-1/2" pipe in the mount) and then bush up with telescoping pipe sizes to
the 2" you desire.  Pin the telescoped pipes of course, and guy it if you
can without interfering with the antennas.

A better idea, although a little more work, is to build the mast into your
roof.  I bought a 6' piece of heavy galvanized 2-1/2" pipe (a nice inside
diameter to fit the 2" mast into) and installed it into my roof.  It was
threaded at one end and I purchased an end cap and installed that.  That end
rests in a simple wooden "socket" I built on a bearing wall.  It then goes
up through the roof where it is U-bolted to the rafters.  I reinforced the
rafter where the pipe is attached by running stringers on both sides of the
pipe and tying it together with two rafters on either side.  This is flashed
into the roof with a standard vent pipe flashing.  While I was at it I also
flashed in a piece of 2" ABS DWV pipe to use as a entry point for the
cables.  You can make a goose neck out of some sweep elbows (3 @ 45 degrees
works good) so the rain doesn't get in.

With the larger pipe installed into the roof you can "quick change" your
masts as desired.  Originally I dropped in a short mast with my az/el
rotators, crossboom and X Yagis already attached, but when I put up a real
tower I moved the sat antennas over there and installed a longer push up
mast into the roof socket which now holds a small packet antenna and the
center of an inverted vee.  It's nice to be able to just lift the mast out
of the roof whenever you want.  Sort of like a poor man's tilt-over tower.

Good luck with your project.

73 - JC,k0hps@amsat.org

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> I want to mount a satellite antenna mast 10' x 2" to a chimney. I was
> thinking of converting the Radio Shack chimney mount to accept a 2" mast
> rather than the standard 1 1/4" mast. The 2" mast is needed for the Yeasu
> G-5500 rotor. Anyone got better ideas how to mount a 2" mast to chimney?
> thanks in advance,
> Rich Parry, W9IF
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