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Hey Group
Mir SSTV over Colorado this morning pass shows in side the space ship.
Keps appear to be off thou. Stronger signals today as compared to yesterday? 
Are they using a different antenna?
Fine business. Ham radio on a human occupied space ship with pictures. Thank 
goodness they didn't throw the sstv over board.
  Maybe the ISS people could see this in action and put this on board. Great 
for my kids as it puts ham radio and science into something they can see.
 Three cheers for the bankrup russians who are doing what the rich americans 
only dream of.

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KB0VBZ Rick in Dm79op
On aprs and amateur radio satellites uo-22,ko-23,ko-25,t0-31, decode sstv and 
weather pictures as my hobbie. In construction, rough frame new houses.

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