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RE: Help Needed

> Is there anyone on this list located near the Central Coast of NSW
> (Gosford), Australia.  Or would be willing to drive here to assist me
> getting my station operational.

Unfortunately, I'm a little far away... 900km, but I might offer a few ideas
on here.

> In particular I would like assistance with the following:
> 1.  Design and manufacture of Lindenblad antennas for both 
> RCP and LCP for
> 2metres and 70cms (and the impedance matching networks).

It might be worth looking around on the web, as there are all sorts of
antenna designs (including the Lindenblad) published.

> 2.  Installing the antennas (choosing a good site at the QTH 
> and putting
> poles up etc).

Here, you'll need a good Elmer to help out. :-)

> 3.  Making a first contact via satellite.

You may want to check out the various introductory articles on the AMSAT-NA
page at http://www.amsat.org  I have written one of the articles myself.

> I am currently running a J-Pole on 2metres and 5/8wave ground 
> plane on 70cm
> (with some fairly lossy coax that i don't want to replce 
> until I figure out
> where I am going to put the new antenna(s) ).

The lossy coax is probably the biggest killer here.

> I have found some information on Lindenblad antenna design at :
> http://www.amsat.org/amsat/articles/w6shp/lindy.html
> however the splitter is only designed for one antenna so RCP and LCP
> antennas cannot be used together.

I might have a look at the article when I get a bit of spare time.

Finally, there's the alternatives to consider.  An omni is one relatively
simple way of getting on the birds (particularly the two FM repeaters).
Another is to go portable.  I use a portable beam and a pair of handhelds
for both SO-35 and UO-14.  Power is typically 1.5 - 2 watts, and the signals
are generally full quieting (better than most base stations).  The pros are
that it's very simple with a big "bang per buck".  Also, there's no problems
with body corporates, landlords, council, etc.  The cons are that it takes a
bit of a balancing act to get it all happening (2 rigs and an antenns in 2
hands! :) ), and one tends to get drowned in inclement weather!  (so still
wise to have a basic base station ready for these times of "emergency" :) ).
Also, packet operation is a tad tricky (though I am toying with the
possibility of an old laptop on a trolley arrangement if I find the right
machine going at the right price - might also allow me to build a portable
mast for the beam).
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