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RE: How often do I need to update Keps for STSORBITPLUS?

> I do own an Arrow antenna, but have not used it much because I find it
> awkward to handle on the public boardwalk here near Coney 
> Island.  Even in
> the off-season, it's crowded with joggers and bicycle riders, 
> and I don't
> want to poke the antenna in someone's eyes.  <s>  (My 
> eyesight and hand-eye
> coordination are not super.)

That's a worry.  I just go out the front, or in the backyard or wherever's
convenient. :-)
> As for keps, I cut and pasted them from this week's message 
> on AMSAT.org, and
> subscribed to KEPS so I'll get them weekly.  Since STS+ can 
> process .txt
> files, preparing KEP files with Notepad does not seem to be a 
> problem.  BTW,
> how are people working around this for programs that insist 
> on .tle, etc?

a .tle is a plain text file as well.  I just save the entire message (with
the two line format elements) from the KEPS list as "amateur.tle" in the
appropriate directory and all my satellite software knows to do an auto
update if they see a new file. :-)
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