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Dx on AO-10


After a "desapointing" weekend tracking MIR (SSTV system was turned 
ON after last pass over Europe), I was putting my hope on AO-10. 
The window to the bird promised some good Dx qso's but, despite the 
"short" distance (around 10.000km) to the bird, I couldn't reach it!
Ok, I know 35W and 11+11 RHCP yagi isn't much, but it was ok last time
I gave AO-10 a try. It could be a malfunction on my side, but we all 
know the reason of my desapointment...
I just had to listen a couple qso's to understand what was going on!
It was "funny" to listen some of them: a station was perfectly readable
but the one who he was talking with was 55. Impressive. That was the
loudest signal from the "old bird" I ever heard! But it wasn't the only
In fact the transponder was crowded of signals of the same "size".
Coincidence (or not) all "weaker" signals were from EU. 
Now guess where were from the other ones???
Came on, guys! Give "low pistols" a try! You just need to watch the
when your (EU) qso partner talks. Then you have to reduce your Power/Mic
in order to have the same read. Simple as that!
Belive me: there is no "whose-the-strongest-downlink-on-AO-10" contest 
going on. 

Have a nice week.
Best 73
F.Costa, CT1EAT 

P.S. This msg it isn't adressed to no one in particular.
     But if the hat fits you....
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