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Re: How often do I need to update Keps for STSORBITPLUS?

Hi Frank,

At 12:55 4/16/2000 -0400, Frank Grossman wrote:
>As for keps, I cut and pasted them from this week's message on AMSAT.org, and
>subscribed to KEPS so I'll get them weekly.  Since STS+ can process .txt
>files, preparing KEP files with Notepad does not seem to be a problem.  BTW,
>how are people working around this for programs that insist on .tle, etc?

Well most programs tend to accept plain text files - just that you have to 
re-name the file as .tle or .kep or in the case of WinOrbit to .kep for 
verbose and .2li for 2-line elements

I also subscribe to the amsat.org keps mailing list and just cut and paste 
the 2-line element set to a keps.2li file - which I put in the keps folder 
for winorbit


Stefan 4S6ST

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