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How often do I need to update Keps for STSORBITPLUS?

Thanks for the suggestions Tony...

>>Believe me, you will have _real_ fun if you work on your antennas.  a 
couple of watts and a portable beam give me all the signal I need from UO-14, 
and that practically down to the horizon. :-)<<

I do own an Arrow antenna, but have not used it much because I find it 
awkward to handle on the public boardwalk here near Coney Island.  Even in 
the off-season, it's crowded with joggers and bicycle riders, and I don't 
want to poke the antenna in someone's eyes.  <s>  (My eyesight and hand-eye 
coordination are not super.)

As for keps, I cut and pasted them from this week's message on AMSAT.org, and 
subscribed to KEPS so I'll get them weekly.  Since STS+ can process .txt 
files, preparing KEP files with Notepad does not seem to be a problem.  BTW, 
how are people working around this for programs that insist on .tle, etc?

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