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38k4 code for the 56002 EVM


I've hacked in the LED changes for the original .17 release of the 38k4 code
for the 56002 evm/RI.  If you'd like a copy of it, I can send it over with
the simple instructions on how to move over to the bios2 with 57600 serial
support and the 38k4 code.

I've been running everything at 57600 including all my g3ruh, psk, and
fsk1200 code and I've been testing the .17 release of the 38k4.

I'm using a PCR1000 and an 847 to test with.  So far I'm pretty impressed.
I've seen as high as 92% effic, with a very simple setup.

I'm running the 1000 with an SSB preamp in front of it with the very simple
19" 2mtr whip as the RX antenna.  (my tower is on it's way and the
directional beams are assembled and in the basement waiting :-)

I haven't been able to talk to the sat yet, but I think I stumbled on a fix
for that today.  I was trying to set the symbol rate (might be wrong words)
to 38k4 on TX as well as RX.... Small problem.  The 847 won't do that!  I've
now changed to a 9k6 TX and we'll see on these next two passes.

Bottom line, I'm using the Bios2 version from Doug, and only 4 files from
the .17 release of g38kruh.  The 4/99 release from Doug Braun of leonid and
bios2 are the basics.

Anyway, just thought I'd pass this along.

I'll build a zip and have it ready if you want to play.

Just drop me a note in email.


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